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New Users - Getting Started

How Do I Register?
What is's privacy & security policy?
What are some Frequently Asked Questions?
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Auction & Bidding

How do I bid?
What are the bidding rules?
Will my credit card be charged even if I don't win the auction I'm bidding on?
Are there different types of auctions?
Where can I track my bids?

My Page

What Is My Page?
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How To Retrieve A Lost Password
Can I track all my bids from My Page?
Where do I subscribe to, or cancel uBid Auction Alerts?

Products & Warranties

How do I pursue warranty help?
What types of products does sell?
How do Direct and Certified Merchant products differ?
How do I determine product availability?
Does a product carry a manufacturer warranty?
How does uShield - uBid's Extended Service Plan work?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment & Credit Policies

What payment methods does accept?
Do I pay sales tax at
What if my payment cannot be validated?
Does require a credit card verification number?
How can I obtain a copy of my invoice?
Why is there a transaction fee?
New Customers/Multiple Orders


When can I expect the delivery of my order?
Does ship internationally?
How do I track my shipment?
How will ship my product?
How does uBid calculate shipping costs?

Returns Policy & Procedures Return Policies and Procedures?

Website Issues

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Contacting Us - Corporate Directory

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