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Group Buy

Group buy allows us to offer at astronomical savings! Each Group Buy deal has a required tipping point (number of participants required for item to be offered); therefore, if enough customers team together and make the deal active they can each take home a fantastic offer! The tipping point is decided by a pre-determined number of units that are available. If the number of people that activate the deal matches the pre-determined tipping quantity available everyone that activated the deal gets the item; all future users after the tipping point has been reached receive the deal as well. Remember that the correct number of people will need to activate the deal before the timer runs out or the deal is off for everyone. Remember though - your credit card is not charged until the deal is fully active!

In the event that an insufficient number of participants agree to buy a Group Buy item at the advertised price within 72 hours of the offer appearing on the website, the offer will be withdrawn and no items will be attributed.

We have worked really hard here at uBid to make sure we are offering you the best possible price and product to fit your needs. Act fast to activate and spread the word to family and friends!

$50 Certificates to Tropical Acres Steakhouse Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

Activated: 0

Remaining: 10

Closing: 1 days 05:57:04

Activate for: $24.99

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